Age Of Cards – Trilogy

Ra’s Chess
Ra’s Chess

Despite being easy to learn it is complex and includes deep strategy. Each player has to plan and conform to every situation and control a team that theyassembled, while their goal is to kill the enemy forces and enemy hero.

Revenge Of Pangu
Revenge Of Pangu

Unlike the classic mana system, where each turn comes incrementally, players win mana through mines and fighting in the game. They can play the skill cards they want to turn with their winning manas.

Limbo Gate
Limbo Gate

Limbo Gate is a strategic tower defence card game. Each turn player can upgrade their building with the manas he has won. Minions on the Board have the right to have only one action on each turn. Minions can either move or become stronger.

The Evil Plans of Matuns

All the water sources on the imperial planet Gazyon were running out and for this reason, they were planning to invade the nearest planet with plenty of water sources. Gazyon had made a deal withprominent countries and families in the world. According to that deal, planet Delyum, the primitive parallel of the Earth, would be invaded and the army forces on Earth would help Gazyon. Not pleased with this deal, President Kennedy believed that people had a right to learn about this diabolical agreement. Nevertheless,he was assassinated in Dallas when he was about to reveal that ugly truth to the world. Matuns, the enemies of the empire, were behind this assassination and their plan was going smoothly as the deal made between Gazyon and the Earth was about to be broken.


The Ally of the Gods from the Earth

The world's creator, Pangu, had to sacrifice his body to maintainthe balance between Yin and Yang, but his rules still prevailed onthe face of the earth. When the gods began to lose their power,they would never appear on Earth and the gods of time would notbe seen anywhere but in Purgatory.
Ra, who had broken this rule by trying to revive himself on Earth, was punished and imprisoned in Purgatory. Ra would be stuck in Purgatory forever unless the Dark Matter ruled the entire universe.
Matuns got what they wanted out of the deal with the Dark Matter. Gazyon was about to attack the Earth, and Matuns’ plan was to strike both planets right after Gazyon launched their attackon Earth. All the gods, both from the present and the past, had given up fighting among each other to contemplate ways to save the world from the impending disaster. The invasion of the Earth

Ra's Chess / Revenge Of Pangu / Limbo Gate

“Anubis and Frejya went Purgatory after meeting with the Phoenix in on the Iron Mountain. Ra is playing and drinking wine at the tavern all day in purgatory. Seeing his old friend Anubis and Frejya, whom he had been in love with for hundreds of years, Ra becomes happy. Frejya is still very beautiful. Anubis and Frejya ask Ra for help. The only salvation of the world is persuading Ra. Ra demands that Pangu's curse be lifted as the only condition for help. This request is sadly denied...

"The first series of the Age of Cards trilogy Ra's Chess is on all platforms in the first quarter 2020!

Ra’s Chess is a strategic chess card game for online multiplayer between two players. Despite being easy to learn it is complex and includes deep strategy. Each player has to plan and conform to every situation and control a team that they assembled, while their goal is to kill the enemy forces and enemy hero.Every player has an attack and movement right for a turn. We have 4 different heroes with unique ultimate skills but the same minions with the same abilities. Every minion has different attack and movement range. Players need to create their own deck according to their own playing strategy and use created decks depends upon turn and mana system.

Ra's Chess Revenge Of Pangu Limbo Gate


Choose your hero, set your position right, and hunt down your enemy! Get the best of your opponent with the unique cards you get from the loot boxes and set traps to defeat them.
Don't you forget though: It isn't just your opponent who will try to trap you!

Four Heroes with Special Ultimate Skills

Four different heroes designed for various game strategies and players' needs!

Unique Minions

Six different minions with different abilities for each player.

Special Movement and Attack Ability

Move your minions and hunt down your enemy in the best position.ı

Play-to-win deck system

A non-pay2win deck creating system that allows completing your collection through gameplay only.

Traps set on the hexagons

A variety of trap systems you can create on the hexagons.

In-Game Loot Boxes

The unique cards obtained from the loot boxes you can redeem on the board periodically.

AOC Gallery

Why the Age of Cards Series?

You'd expect developers to think about game mechanics first. In our case, however, the story was the first thing that began to shape up. Soon after, we decided to turn it into a card game to tell this story in the best way possible with our 15 years of experience. 😊
We can proudly say that so many different types of worlds and planets are waiting for you along with an absorbing story.
We can imagine you asking this question to yourselves. What we are trying here is to make a difference in this vast game market dominated by the giants while beckoning our players to share and improve together. Our games are the best in their genre because they are different and original. 😊
We have learned a great deal in our 15 years of experience as game publishers/developers. We aren't like some of those companies who see their players as exploitable money sources. You will be able to reach all the content through gameplay. But of course, if you want your hero to look cooler, we would be happy to drink another cup of coffee with your contributions. 😊
Every company has some specific areas in which they feel more confident. Our strong suit is making games that involve deep strategy. We are fond of creating games with practical gameplay that requires deep thinking.
The first game of the series, Ra's Chess, will be available on Steam in the first quarter of 2020. You will be able to run it on almost any computer, so you don't need to worry about your system. If you wish to play it on your mobile, though, you will have to wait a little bit longer.

Development Blogs

We would like to introduce our crazy team and we wanted to share our experiences on this AOC series’ journey. We enjoyed while developing this game and hope you enjoy while you are reading 😊


Let us get you limitless coffee and tea!

November 12, 2019

We have been exerting ourselves for too long and feeling a bit tired as well, but we are finally ready for G-Star Game Show!We have managed to make the prototype of our game.

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Work Hard Try Hard 😊

October 25, 2019

Everything was going in its normal course— our game was gradually shaping up with all the data entries alongside the mechanics being integrated into the game. So there was nothing to write home about until...

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Nasıl Başladı ?

September 28, 2019

Ra's Chess has been a project we have built entirely through trial and error method so far. We have finally managed to put it into shape after a long period of heated discussions and lengthy meetings. At first, we were thinking of creating

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